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over empty

religious rule following

There’s nothing new or life-giving about dead and empty tradition.  Jesus is a person to know, not a list of memorizing rules.  A new life together in Christ is about learning how to know Him and His people in deep and meaningful ways that fill up your cup rather than suck it dry.


over perfection

Are you a perfect person?  No worries we’re not either!  Jesus didn’t come to give those who think they’re perfect new life.  He came to those who know we can use all the help He has to offer!



flying solo

Life is better together.  Period.  Sure community is hard and takes some effort, but you can’t have new transformational life in Christ if it’s not together!  Church isn’t a service you attend, it’s a community you belong to!  Find your fridge friends here!


Over Entertainment

Entertainment is nice as an escape, but we all know how we feel at the end of a binge session on Netflix.  We don’t need an escape. What we need is new equipment to carry the loads and burdens of life with joy!  New life together in Jesus Christ isn’t about escaping your reality or being entertained, it’s about gaining the equipment and power you need to thrive in this life no matter what the circumstance! 





We live in a world full of takers and consumers, but we’re called to something different!  Something better.  New life in Christ enables us to experience the reality that it is truly more blessed to give than to receive.  

Prayer Power

Over Man Power

If the Holy Spirit ever leaves our Church, we hope that it would be noticeable.  Man can accomplish much, but in our own strength and power it won’t matter much in eternity.  We believe pray should cover all we do and aim to prayerfully pursue the lost without turning people into projects!