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Helping the lost get found

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Get Found.

Feeling lost in life? 

It happens.  We’re here to help you find your way back to who and what you were always created to be!  While you may be alone before Jesus finds you, you were never meant to stay that way!  Jesus can’t wait for you to discover life with Him and His people!  Join us and get found!

Live Free.

Addicted?  Bound up?  Bitter?

Navigating through life inevitably brings hurts and hang-ups.  Whether it’s the wounds from church, abuse, addiction, anxiety, or depression – who doesn’t long for healing and a greater sense of liberation? The message of Jesus offers more than just salvation; it promises healing and the pathway to true freedom.  Join us and get free!


Lonely?  Isolated?  Alone?  You don’t have to be! 

 When Jesus finds us, He welcomes us into a family — a family of ‘fridge friends’.

You know you’ve reached a true level of friendship when you’re comfortable enough with someone to raid their fridge and it’s not weird!  We firmly believe that every individual can and should experience that level of friendship within their Church family.  Perhaps not with everyone, but certainly with a cherished few! Life is better together.  Come, join our community, and discover your ‘fridge friends’ here!”


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